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Imagine no more dragging yourself to the office for the dreaded 9-5. No more boss breathing down your neck and no more dealing with pain-in-the-butt clients who want everything for nothing.
Worst of, no more living in uncertainty and fear of losing your job that puts food on the table!

How different would your life (and possibly happiness) be if you ditched your current career path with a capped salary and uncertain future, and replaced it with one that can give you your dream lifestyle, freedom and income?

This Is the Reality Of Many Professional IT Consultants …

… and on this webinar, I’m going to show you how you can join them.
If you are already in IT but are bored with the same old mundane work … or you are a professional in a different industry like finance, healthcare, telecommunication or construction and need a change to a rewarding, exciting and highly lucrative career that doesn’t put a limit on how much you can earn … 

The Professional IT Consultant Webinar Is For You

Here’s why.

Look around you right now.

You are reading this page on one device and most likely within arms reach of at least another one or two electronic devices such as your smartphone, smart-watch or tablet.

At your home, you probably have a smart TV and other appliances that are connected to the internet. At the office, everything is run by technology. Even your car is embedded with sophisticated tech.

The increase of AI and technology is only going to accelerate and be adopted by more businesses globally because of its efficiency, speed and cost saving.

As these companies look to increase their profits by using technology, they need guidance from a professional who understands,
  • The client's IT needs now and in the future
  • ​The IT that will provide the solution to the client's needs now and in the future

This Is The Role Of A Professional IT Consultant

To be the IT solution expert to clients on a global scale. 

And the best part is …

You Don’t Need Any Technical Background or Coding Experience To Start
“Right now we are in the infancy of this highly rewarding career path. Which means my students are at the forefront, blazing the trails and setting the bar for what it entails to be a professional IT consultant, with an unrivalled reputation for getting results” Sabrish Chand

Inside The Professional IT Consultant Webinar You’ll Learn

🗸 How wealth is truly measured so you can take the short-cut to become wildly wealthy, and it's not what you think

🗸 The 9 stages of a corporate job and why most people are condemned to never get past stage 3 (If you’ve been stuck on the same rung of the corporate ladder for the last few years, this is why)

🗸 The simple wealth creation formula anyone can use but few choose to do so to truly become financially independent

🗸 Why investing in yourself is the greatest investment return you can get … if you follow these simple rules

🗸 Why IT is the future boom industry to be in if you want to work less, earn more and enjoy the freedom to take multiple luxury vacations every year

🗸 The top 10 reasons why consulting is better than a job (especially if you want to earn a lot of money in the next 3 years)

🗸 The one thing consulting isn’t that most don’t understand, and the reason they fail and go back to the dreaded 9-5 (but you won’t once you discover it)

🗸 Psychology of consulting and why you must understand it to be successful and considered a professional to land the high-paying clients
🗸 The 4 core areas of a business you will work with as a consultant (knowing this in advance helps you build a long-term strategy with your clients and stops you from wasting time on trivial items)

🗸 Where IT is headed in the next decade and where you should focus on to quickly scale your business and become known as THE expert in your niche

🗸 Why soon you will be replaced from your current job and demoted or unemployed if you don’t upskill yourself now to be irreplaceable (I’ll show you how)

🗸 How you can compete to win the high-value clients every time and not deal with low-ball, pain-in-the-butt time vampires

🗸 The perfect consulting framework to become an in-demand and highly-paid IT consultant so you never have to worry about where the next client is coming from

🗸 How to stand out among the average consultants so you can charge more and attract clients who will pay you for your service without a second thought

🗸 10 reasons why becoming an IT consultant now is more important than ever if you want to live on your terms and continue to make 6-figures year after year

🗸 And so much more …

Meet Your Host And Master IT Consultant

Sabrish Chand

For the last 22 years as a professional IT consultant, Sabrish Chand has enjoyed remarkable success in transforming his client’s businesses. He has accomplished this by accommodating a portfolio of services which include:

● Private Consulting & Coaching Sessions
● Training & Coaching Programs
● Digital Courses, Tools, and Resources
● Community & Augmented Learning
● Job Placements & Career Advancements.
In this special webinar training, Sabrish will break down the reasons why you should consider becoming a Professional IT Consultant, and show you how to transform your career and lifestyle from wherever you are right now to one of freedom, work flexibility and a 6-figure income without limits.

You will also have the opportunity at the end of the webinar to schedule a private one-on-one planning session with our Program Advisor to discuss your current situation and your eligibility to enroll in one of our exclusive programs.

If you are ready to discover the possibilities of what you can achieve as a Professional IT Consultant, register for the webinar today.

Here’s Why Sabrish Chand Is The #1 Authority To Teach You How To Become A Professional IT Consultant

I've worked with Sabrish on and off for the last 10 years. It's been a pleasure working on teams with Sabrish. He has always completed projects gaining the respect of his supervisors, subordinates and peers

Andrew Penney

I worked with Sabrish to upgrade ClickSoftware to a new version. He did a great job facilitating the requirements gathering and produced high quality documentation. His contributions were valued on a successful project implementation.

Andrew Stewart

Sabrish is the epitome of IT Consultants. I have worked with him at a Crown Corporation and quickly noticed that the breadth and depth of his experience allowed him to easily stand out as a top performer.

Joe Rieger

Sabrish is an extremely capable and dedicated IT professional. He has strong analytical and communication skills which are further enhanced by his solid technical background and his enthusiasm for learning. Sabrish works extremely well with clients, coworkers, and executives, adapting the analysis and communication techniques in order to achieve the business objective

Paul Ajayi

Sabrish was the BA for the green field VIM project. His skills in conducting workshops and engaging with the business stakeholders was amazing. Half into the project, he took over the reins as a project manager and guided the team to a very successful implementation. His training documents are still being used as templates for many projects now.

Sid Ray

Working with Sabrish is an opportunity no one should pass up. His levelheaded & plan full approach to each piece of work including very complex projects will raise the confidence of team members of all levels.I am looking forward to my next opportunity to work with you, Sabrish.

Tanya McNeice

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sabrish on multiple occasions and different projects. I highly recommend him. His work ethic and pursuit for excellent customer service are top notch. I would welcome the chance to work with Sabrish on any engagement.

Eldon Sebastian

I had the pleasure of working with Sabrish during our ServiceNow deployment. Sabrish provided Strategic and Tactical leadership as we interfaced with various business teams throughout the project. I was impressed with Sabrish knowledge, performance and leadership that ensured our successful deployment.

Trevor Bowering

Sabrish has contributed to the success of key initiatives which have had a positive impact on the Information Services Unit and our stakeholders. I highly recommend Sabrish to any organization. His professional and collaborative approach, strong ITIL knowledge and leadership skills make him a great asset to any team.

Kathleen Story

Learn From Millionaire Consultants.

The Ivy League of Online IT Institutions for IT Consulting Career: (IIITC)

Founded in 2021, IIITC takes pride in enabling working individuals achieve Self-Sustainment in life and career through education, coaching and mentorship in Information Technology

Unlike traditional schooling, the IIITC offers Principles based learning through principles based curriculum, community based accountability programs and guided coaching to help you internalize principles and apply faster to get results. 

A kind learning experience that is offered through live sessions, self paced modules and group and community action steps that is suitable for all types of learners. 

Unlike traditional schools, Millionaire consultants who run successful businesses facilitate learning through coaching, mentoring and training, so you get the best of practical, real world scenarios that you apply yourself into while you learn

Final Thoughts …
This is your only opportunity to learn about the most in-demand consulting niche that rewards you with the excellent compensation you set for yourself. (You can realistically earn more than the majority of the top CEOs in the IT industry while working less)

And I’ll let you in on a secret … most people aren't even aware Consulting in IT as a Career exists so you will have very little competition.

So, if you have come to the realization that you don’t want to continue on your current path until you retire, and you are looking for a great career that helps businesses grow while you get paid very well for your services … you owe it to yourself to join this FREE webinar to discover what is possible.

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